Recently I had the opportunity to implement the jupyterhub solution in the Google cloud environment in a practical way. I had to go through all the stages of this small project adding more and more advanced issues.

You can find most of the information on Zero to jupyterhub web — the website I base myself on and I understand that this web provides a lot of the information.

We’ll use for this project Google Cloud, so let’s start from something very basic. Create a GoogleCloud account if you don’t have it yet.

Now is usefull to create new project for…

Basic FastApi app first

First I start my example project by creating a basic FastApi project. This project is based on Markqiu fastapi-mongodb-realworld-example-app — I want only to make a step-by-step easy description of easier version to show how this project base works.

In my project I create an app folder because with them, for me, after is easier to create Docker integrations and because this is how I usually make it — is easier to maintain projects after for me.

Let's create our requirements.txt file in the root directory, in this file for this moment we need only two lines



Creating Basic Flask with Jinja2, Blueprint, some templates and getting content from API

I had to write some program that shows different contents for different domains. So, for example, if you call the content is in German and if you call the content is in French. First, we need to create a structure for our project.

where we have myapp folder with the application, data folder with all configs and certificates for SSL (we’ll create it after), docker folder with Dockerfiles

Let’s create app. First, we create a basic structure of folders and files. This structure will create web page getting content from remote API.

+-- myapp | +-- frontend |…

Rafał Łagowski

Data scientist, Developer

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